All South Africans need to prepare

for Load-Shedding


Here is a recent headline from FIN24:

“Eskom, government plans for Stage 5 and Stage 6 load-shedding
to stave off national blackouts”
Mar 19 2019 14:15
Ferial Haffajee, Fin24


“We will get it right in a year or two” says Pravin Gordhan!” 

Watch Below:


Don’t wait till the lights go out – get your power sorted now!

Keep your business operating.

Keep your internet connected.


What is the ECOBOXX QUBE?

ecoboxx qubeThis Ecoboxx Qube is a powerful portable rechargable solar kit that you can use to power many of your essential appliances. This will light up your home or charge your laptop and mobile devices – with this solar generator you no longer have to dread the Eskom power cuts.

You will get up to 50 hours of use with with every full charge. This safe and eco-friendly solution will ensure your business and family home never gets caught without power. The Ecoboxx Qube is fully portable so you can take it with you and never worry about being without power wherever you are. The sunlight recharge costs are ZERO!

What Does the ECOBOXX QUBE Work With?

ecoboxx works with


The all-in-one value kit. For light, multiple charging and medium 220V power.

This kit can power any of the following items individually:

65W Laptop x 2 Hours. • 30W Router x 4.5 Hours. •  60W PABX x 48 Hours.

30W Phone x 3 Hours. • 10W Tablet x 24 Hours. • 5W Cellphone 48 Hours.

5W USB Fan x 20 Hours. • 65W TV x 2 Hours. • 30W Fan x 4 Hours.

30W Radio x 3 Hours. • 2 x 3W LED Lights x 24 Hours.

Please note: The times provided are only estimates.
This is because certain products have setting options, for example:
fan – high or low, television – volume and picture brightness settings, etc.

Don’t Only Take Our Word for It, Read What Other Customers Have to Say.

This is a fantastic product as it uses solar power and can charge your phone. It’s perfect for emergency lighting and the pocket-sized proportions mean you can take it anywhere. Definitely my favourite.

~Waka Waka

The Ecoboxx  can almost replace a diesel generator as a mid term  solution for powering lights,  computers and TVs. The fact that it’s solar powered is a real plus.

~ Ecoboxx Fan

Ecoboxx is proving itself essential for home, outdoor, business and emergency use.

~ Maria